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While we had a mild winter with little snow, as the result we may see a sooner than usual flea and tick season or infestation.  Prevention is the number one defense against fleas and ticks and here are some things to look for with your pets to make sure they are not infected.

Do Your Pets Have Fleas?

Observations/Actions for your dog:
*Fleas will mainly be found on a dogs abdomen, base of the tail and their head
*Look for small black spots (like sand) on the dogs fur or hair
*Small white spots are flea eggs and may be found buried in your dog's coat
*Continual scratching and itching
*Scabs or bald spot

Observations/Actions for your cat:
*Excessive scratching and itching
*Run a fine tooth comb through the cat's fur to observe any small black spots (like sand)
*Those same spots that are white are the flea eggs
*Spread the cat's hair apart to look at the skin for small black spots
*Hair loss

Fleas can consume 15 times their body weight in blood from an animal, this can cause anemia and if not treated more serious issues.  Fleas can also cause allergic skin irritations.

Do your pets have ticks?

Ticks are found outside in mainly grassy and wooded areas.  They will feed on the blood of animals and may be difficult to detect, especially if your pet has a thick coat or long hair.  

How to manage your pets and ticks:
*Ticks can be seen by the naked eye
*If your pet has been outside, take a moment to look for ticks by running your hands over the dog or cat particularly near the ears and paws
*When removing a tick, make sure that you remove the entire body including the head that may be embedded in the dog or cats body
*Watch the area where the tick was found in case of infection or the area is irritated
*If an infection occurs, call us to schedule an appointment 


As a pet owner you have a few options to prevent both fleas and ticks on your dog or cat:

SERESTO: A collar that the animal will wear year round to prevent both fleas and ticks.  They need to replaced every 8 months.

BREVECTO for Cats:  A 12 week topical treatment.

BREVECTO for Dogs:  A 12 week ingestible treatment for dogs.

CREDELIO for Dogs:  A 4 week ingestible treatment for dogs.

Please stop by Ipswich Animal Hospital to pick up your pets flea and tick preventative medicine.